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Pristine beaches in Sri Lanka

We have selected the best beach hotels in Sri lanka for you

Sri Lanka being an island in the indian ocean there is no shortage of hot sunny sand beaches all around the island. There are long golden ones, there are dainty ones with soft white sand, there are wind- and, wave-battered ones and ones without a footstep for miles. Some have a slowly, slowly vibe and some have a lively party vibe, but whichever you choose, the beaches of Sri Lanka really are as gorgeous as you’ve heard. And one of the best things about Sri Lanka’s beaches is that no matter what time of year you go if it’s raining on one coast then chances are it’ll be sun hat and swimmers weather on the other. This is why Sri Lanka has always been a all year around destination for beach lovers. We Celonsummer has selected the best beach resorts and hotels in Sri Lanka for you to choose from. No matter which one you select we gurentee that you will not move from your beach chair for days.

Eastern Coast

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Northern Coast

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Western Coast

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Southern Coast

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Mount Lavinia

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